An Italian story. Made in Umbria

Our story

Knitwear factory (Maglieria) Contigiani Maria was established in 1987 in Gualdo Tadino, a small medieval town immersed in the green heart of Italy (Umbria). The factory has always focused on high quality and elegance of the products made with the best yarns and craftsmen techniques. Over the years it has considerably grown, becoming a very important company in knitwear trade.

Thanks to the longstanding expertise of the team , continuous technological developments and innovative manufacturing processes, Maglieria Contigiani Maria can offer their customers the highest quality products. Only the best yarns (cashmere, merino, silk....),and craftsmen techniques are used.

In 2005 the company decided to register their trademark ”Maria Contigiani” and started the production of male and female knitwear collections characterized by elegance and style, whilst still offering comfortable and wearable garments ...

A small factory, a great product

Maria Contigiani’s garments are thoughtful, studied and made in a small factory; a family run business. Its small dimensions are one of its strengths because it is possible to carefully follow every step of the manufacturing process in order to make an excellent product

Finding the raw material is the first step to creating a great product. Only yarns of animal origin are selected then they are spun by the best Italian woolen mills which buy the material in the regions of Kashmir, Iran, Tibet, Mongolia.

Having selected the yarn, the next step is knitting, during which every piece of cloth is checked on the right and reverse side to correct even the smallest manufacturing defect.

The next stage is the finishing, where, with patience and great expertise, each piece of the garment is inspected stitch by stitch, to ensure a resistant and high quality finish.

Before washing, the garments are once again checked individually for any faults in the sewing process.

The last two steps of this long manufacturing process of high quality cashmere production are:
- fulling by which cashmere gets its typical and unique softness;
- ironing and packaging where all the articles are checked again and perfectly measured after which they are labelled as "Maria Contigiani Made in Italy".

We are very proud of our label because it expresses all the passion and the expertise of true Italian artisans.