Cashmere is a special wool which has always been associated with prestige and elegance, admired for its silky and lightweight texture. It is obtained from the fleece of hircus goats living in some regions of Kashmir. At present hircus goats are also bred in Iran, Tibet, Nepal and especially in Mongolia.

Cashmere wool is collected during the annual moulting season through shearing and combing processes. Goats are bred in cold desert regions. Their fleece is very thick but once seasons get warmer, they begin to lose it. That’s the moulting time during which the precious fibres are collected and transformed into soft wool.

The best cashmere quality is obtained from the neck and the belly of goats from which you can get very soft and precious fibres. Cashmere has always been synonymous with warmth, softness and lightness and a yarn with a fascinating history. For all these reasons a piece of cashmere clothing is unique and long-lasting, all the latest fashion trends aside.

People wearing a piece of "cashmere made in italy" clothing know that they have chosen the best materials and they are admired for their elegance and style.

How care for Cashmere clothing

Particular attention to washing and care will allow you to keep as new your item of Maria Contigiani’s clothing . All you need to do is to follow simple care basics through which your pieces of cashmere clothing will get better and softer over time

1) Pre-washing - Before washing your item of clothing, comb it gently to remove dust and pills. Use a soft brush . Hand washing is best.

2) Washing - Submerge the pieces of clothing one by one ,inside out, in a basin with room –temperature water, not more than 30 C. Add a few drops of mild detergent and massage them gently with your fingertips but don’t wring them. Rub possible stains with a white cloth soaked with detergent.

3) Drying - Place the cashmere article lengthwise between two towels so that they can absorb the water. Don’t hang it, as this can destroy the shape of the garment. Lay the garment flat in its natural shape . Keep it away from heat. Some hours later you should turn it so that it can dry evenly both on the right and the reverse side.

4) Ironing - You don’t need to iron cashmere clothing if correctly dried. If you prefer to use an iron ,put a cotton cloth between the iron and the cashmere article

5) Pilling - If not excessive, pills are quite normal after some time of wearing your cashmere article. They are caused by friction and rubbing .It’s enough that you remove them by hand or with a soft bristled brush. In time and after some washings, your piece of cashmere will stop forming pills and will get softer , warmer and lighter. A piece of "cashmere made in italy" clothing will be long lasting and remain as new over time.