Knitting clothing

Cashmere sweaters are clothes speaking of warmth ,softness and elegance. We should remember that knitting dates back to very ancient and legendary times. All of us have memories of grandmothers crocheting or great-grandmothers shearing sheep to get wool and make sweaters. The history of knitting is centuries, thousands of years old. For some researchers it dates back to the fourth century B.C. It is precisely because of these noble and ancient origins that our company has great regard for every aspect of the knitting process which make our cashmere products unique.

Our philosophy consists in offering very high quality products, warm and soft at the same time and at this step the combination of knitting-yarn comes into play .It is of primary importance to combine the art of knitting with the lightness of fine yarns such as cashmere and pure wool. In our artisan factory we only make knitted products by bringing together colours ,patterns and techniques so that finally our customers can choose among a large range of products.

In addition to cashmere products we have manufactured a series of accessories always using this noble fibre. In our collections you will find cashmere hats ,scarves and gloves and a new arrival, the knitted tie which is the result of our company’s desire to combine elegance and casual style so in order to meet modern man’s needs we can offer a large variety of patterns and colours in our collections.

The art of knitting carried on with great passion and expertise is our strong point and a feather in our cap .We are absolutely convinced from all that we will draw a strong motivation to make more and more refined and elegant products over time.